Baltimore City Paper Posts Dirty Little Secret Photos


:: 08/27/2015

The Baltimore City Paper was kind enough to cover Insub's annual Dirty Little Secret. A full gallery of photos the from the second night of the event can be found here.


Insub's Dirty Little Secret Night Two!


:: 08/22/2015

Saturday Night at the Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore!
The Queers, Kepi Ghoulie w/ B-face, Mikey Erg!, House ... er Grath, Hospital Job, Beatnik Termites, Young Rochelles, Stiletto Bomb, and the Emersons.

See you there!


Insub's Dirty Little Secret Night One!


:: 08/21/2015

Friday night!
Plow United,Dead Mechanical,Widows Watch, Flying Faders, Dinged Up!, Voice of Addiction, and a special DJ set of rad punk, pop punk and power pop tunage!
We put together this little playlist of songs to get you in mood!

Feel it! Let's see what we come up with for tomorrow night's show!

$ 9.99


$ 9.99


$ 5.94


$ 9.99


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