Thank You Tommy Ramone


:: 07/14/2014

This week's passing of Tommy Ramone got me thinking about just how grateful I am for what he (and by extension the Ramones) started. Think about this: four knuckleheads with little or no musical talent decide to just put a band together and play. This was unheard of by the professional standard of musicians. I mean this was the early to mid-seventies, when stadium rock ruled and the only way to get real recognition was to be a musical virtuoso.

Now, I have had numerous arguments with people over this. Should talent or ability dictate whether or not should be in a band? My reply has alway been HELL NO! Musical ability comes with time. And that said, what made the Ramones so special and influential was that they began with what Zen Buddists call the beginners mind. In a time when every drummer wanted to mimic Keith Moon, you had Tommy Ramone, who played meat and potatoes beats faster than hell; or Johnny Ramone, who made up his own style consisting of precise down strumming to match machine gun like 8th and 16th notes of Tommy's drumming style. Mind-blown! And Joey's unpolished, sometimes nasally, but aways sweet tenor. And ... and ... Dee Dee who could ... count to four!

These guys started something special and there are hundreds, if not thousands of bands that followed with the credo "Let's just play." So I am grateful! The Ramones left the world a better place--they proved that anyone can get together can create music, and anyone can become a rock god with their friends.


Dopamines Release New Song for Limited Flexi 7"


:: 07/11/2014

Cincinnati's resident dopes have announced that they will be playing the Summer Insubordination Soiree (Sold Out!). In addition, they have recorded a new song for a limited (250 copies) flexi 7" that will be given away to all attendees. If you didn't get a ticket, shame on you, because it's gonna be a rager! To get you stoked, they posted the song on their Bandcamp page! We've posted it! Click to listen! Rules!


New Noise Exclusive: Hospital Job - "The Believer" [Full Album]


:: 07/06/2014

New Noise Magazine posted a sweet exclusive stream of Hospital Job's upcoming full-length "The Believer". We've added the stream here! Check it out!



$ 9.99


$ 5.94


$ 9.99


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